All You Need to Know About the Italian Green Pass

Buy Italian green pass online? How do you get your Green Pass? Is it something you can buy online? Are there any rules you need to follow when driving in Italy with the pass? What are the steps to take in order to drive legally in Italy with a car registered abroad? These are some of the questions you’ll find answers to in this guide on how to get the Italian Green Pass and drive legally in Italy. You will also learn about other types of passes and what they cover, as well as useful tips from people who have already successfully used them.

What Is the Italian Green Pass?

If you are a foreigner visiting Italy, you must have a valid passport or travel document that has been issued in compliance with EU regulations. In addition, if you plan on staying in Italy for longer than three months or within your first six months of entering Italy—depending on your passport’s country of origin—you will need to obtain an official residence permit.

How Do I Get a Green Card?

Unlike American citizens, many non-citizens in Italy must follow a specific application process to obtain their residency permits (Carta di Soggiorno). The two most common types of Italian residence permits are green card, which is issued to foreign nationals who seek residency on humanitarian grounds; and blue card, which is issued to foreigners with highly-specialized skills. A foreigner who wants to get an Italian green pass can apply at a local Questura.

Where Can I Go To Apply?

In order to obtain a Green Pass for Italy, you must apply in person at one of your local County Tax Collector’s offices or online. Go to their website to find specific instructions. This pass allows you unlimited access to all of Italy’s state-run trains, trams, and buses (besides those within Naples). So if public transportation is how you like to get around, then green pass Italy is something worth looking into.

How it will benefit me?

If you are planning on traveling through several European countries and wonder how will your green pass Italy in comparison with other countries, then this is for you. It’s not only a very useful document but also very interesting and complex so if you don’t know how it works then you should learn about it.

Why Should I Bring With Me?

The process of obtaining a green pass can be confusing since there are many companies that deal with it and some of them might confuse you. Thus, make sure that you’re going through a trustworthy organization. Ask for green certificate Italy services!

Italy green pass for tourists

The first step towards getting a green pass for Italy is purchasing a car. It’s good if you purchase an eco-friendly car that’s less than ten years old. After that, you can get all set for your travel. On every vehicle entering Italy, a sticker must be placed which indicates whether it has a clean or unclean engine. There are different options available when it comes to applying for an Italy green pass – and in general, there are no major differences among them.

Green pass Italy for American tourists

The green pass is an optional accessory for visitors, which allows you to skip long lines at many of Italy’s most popular attractions. Obtaining a green pass is relatively simple and can be done in advance of your trip; once it’s issued, you should have no trouble using it throughout your visit. The main benefit of a green pass is that it will allow you to avoid waiting in line at Italy’s top sights—and who doesn’t want that?


To find out more about each green pass in Italy and its requirements, visit our website. Our friendly staff is always willing to help you out so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Italy! Bye for now!

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