How To Get Drivers License Online 2022

How To Get Drivers License Online Before you hit the road you may want to have a look at what the actual charges are for a traffic violation

In 2021 there were plans to split the motorbike license into 3 variants but this has not happened yet.

  1. SIM C for motorbikes with less than 250cc.
  2. SIM C1 for motorbikes with between 250cc to 500cc.
  3. SIM C2 for motorbikes with more than 500cc.


How To Get Drivers License Online is a simple, straightforward process, no need to book an appointment or attend an NDLS centre. Save time and do it the smart way Apply Online today.

  • Already have a verified MyGovID account? Apply Now
  • If you haven’t got a verified MyGovID account but have a Public Services Card? You’re almost there. You can set up your verified MyGovID account using your public services card at WWW.LICITDOCSONLINE.COM
  • Don’t yet have a Public Services Card? You can book a Public Service Card (PSC) appointment by phoning your local Intreo office. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 pandemic online PSC appointments are not available at
  • If you are unable to fully complete your application today, you can save it and return within 20 days to complete.

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