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Why Do I Need A Dual Citizenship

They are also concerned about healthcare and pandemic preparedness because, of course, this may not be the only pandemic in our lifetime.

Wealthy people don’t plan for five to 10 years — they plan more than 100 years in advance, in terms of wealth and well being.

WORLD PASSPORT is giving the opportunity to all class of people wealthy, middle class and the poor.

Demand for these citizenship programs is accelerating, just as the supply has grown globally,” says Dr. Juerge Wright, CEO of WORLD PASSPORTE & Partners, a company that helps people obtain citizenship in other countries. “Increasingly, nations and wealthy individuals see investment migration as more than a competitive advantage. Today, it is viewed as an absolute requirement in a volatile world.

If the idea of moving abroad is truly calling your name, here are some of the best places where you can buy citizenship and a few of the top-line details about what it will take to secure that second passport.

For generations, the American passport afforded its holders the privilege of hassle-free travel around much of the world. That has changed with the corona virus pandemic. While borders are beginning to reopen to international travel, some countries are staying closed to Americans because of the ongoing corona virus outbreak stateside.

These travel restrictions are producing an emerging trend among some wealthy Americans: buying a second passport.

This limitation of mobility has made more people aware of … the benefits of having more than one passport, said Armand Arton, the president of World Passport, which specializes in citizenship through investment.

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